10 Cartoons From the Eighties We Miss

Before the rise of dedicated TV channels on satellite and cable, the nation gathered as one to enjoy their favourite cartoons week after week. While today, a splurge of viewing on Crunchyroll, Netflix or Toonami strips out some of the magic, you can never take away our heroes from the 1980’s!

First of our Top Cartoons: Battle of the Planets

Battle of the Planets

Technically from the 70’s as well as the 80’s (it ran from 1978 – 1985); Battle of the Planets was many kids’ first exposure to anime and manga, just creeping into the eighties! With plenty of combat action, it was heavily toned down from the Japanese original, itself inspired by Star Wars with five heroes and a robot, but still gripped everyone on a Saturday morning.

Captain Caveman

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Who else only watched it for the Angels?

Again, although this first aired in the 70’s (1977), it was a keen favourite throughout the 80s. While the adventures of the bumbling but heroic caveman were the focus, it was really his three teen angels who really stole the show, riffing off the real TV Charlie’s Angels with its own cast of great voices including Micky Dolenz and Casey Kasem.

The Centurions


Is that Tom Selleck, far left? That’s definitely a baboon front and centre.

You could see the marketing department’s hand on Centurions as the show practically demanded a range of attachable toys and gadgets for the exoskeletons that helped the crew fight off Doc Terror and Hacker every week.