11 Behind the Scenes Star Wars Secrets You Probably Don’t Know

We’ve all seen the Star Wars trilogy (haven’t we?), and since this is a retro site, the prequels aren’t mentioned here. This is “Behind the scenes star wars secrets that you probably didn’t know”,

You may fire when I’m wearing my slippers.

Grand Moff Tarkin

Peter Cushing who played Grand Moff Tarkin, found his costume boots so uncomfortable that he wore slippers during many of his scenes, and insisted his feet just never be in the shots. Behind the scenes Star Wars was sometimes a comfy place! (tell that to Anthony Daniels as C-3PO in the desert!)

The Original Millennium Falcon

Rebel Blockade Runner

The starship seen right at the very beginning of Star Wars Episode IV – A New Hope (the rebel “Blockade Runner”), was an altered version of the original design for the Millennium Falcon. They changed the Falcon to the more circular ship we know and love because it was thought that it looked too similar to the “Eagle” Transporter as seen in the tv show “Space: 1999”.  The altered version (seen above) was used instead for the opening sequence as the captured ship being used for the so-called diplomatic mission.

Harrison Ford met dozens of Han Solo’s, before becoming him.

Harrison Ford as Han Solo

Harrison Ford was originally brought in only to feed lines to actors auditioning for the part of Han Solo. George Lucas liked Ford’s delivery of his own lines so much that he cast him as the bounty hunter scoundrel instead.