11 Surprising Facts of Classic 80s Movies Not Many People Know

Are you fan of 80s movies? yes, us too! Well, you’re about to learn some information that once you see, you can not un-see: Surprising facts from classic 80s movies you probably don’t know! This is the sort of trivia that will have you well and truly mind-blown (or maybe you knew them, but let us know!)

Back to The Freezer ..?

back to the future
Back in a time before the now iconic Delorean that we know and love reached 88mph; Marty was destined to travel in something very different….. the original time machine in Back To The Future was written to be a refrigerator!!
Creators of this trilogy of classic 80s movies (except Part 3, which was released in 1990) thought kids would be trapping themselves inside fridges after watching Marty go back to 1955, so they changed it. GREAT SCOTT!

Wax on, wax off, Charlie-san!

Charlie Sheen

Back in 1984 when The Karate Kid hit the cinemas, we welcomed an unknown Ralph Macchio (apart from his role in The Outsiders) as underdog Daniel Larusso. However, Ralph was not first choice for the student of Mr. Miyagi – the first choice was Charlie Sheen, who turned it down.  Lucky for Ralph, as of course he went on to star in a further two movies to complete The Karate Kid Trilogy.. Winning!
(I wasn’t counting “The Next Karate Kid” and the reboot).

Almost the death of Han Solo

Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite
Although technically only 2 Star Wars movies were 80s movies; we have to mention the franchise which every kid in the 80s grew up with.

We were all relieved when a temporarily blind Han Solo was rescued from Carbon freeze at Jabba’s Palace in Return of the Jedi; but George Lucas wasn’t so sure it would go that way. Unlike Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher who were interested in completing the original trilogy; Harrison Ford had not signed on for a third film and Lucas and the Screenwriters had to think of a way to “Pause” the involvement of the character, which now had an uncertain future. So their solution was to have Han frozen in Carbonite in The Empire Strikes Back; creating an option to either kill him off, or bring him back for the next film. Thankfully Ford eventually agreed to return, and they could go with the “Han survived” storyline to take his place in the Battle of Endor alongside the Ewoks – and we know he’s still alive and kicking to this day as an older version of the legendary bounty hunter in Disney’s The Force Awakens!