11 Surprising Facts of Classic 80s Movies Not Many People Know

“…and what appears to be a pirate ship….”

(WAS a pirate ship)

the goonies
One-Eyed Willy’s pirate ship seen on The Goonies, was actually real! Director Richard Donner decided to have a full-sized pirate ship built, and then hid the cast from it until the cameras were rolling so that he could capture genuine reactions from the kids when seeing it for the first time! Hat’s off to Donner, as we know these day’s it would have been a huge green screen that they would have been staring at.

Holy Robin’s first appearance, Batman!

Kiefer Sutherland
The appearance of The Boy Wonder in the Batman movies was planned way before Chris O’Donnell donned the tights in Joel Schumacher’s more comic book feeling / less darker third instalment “Batman Forever”; in fact, it was planned for the very first!
Alongside Michael Keaton’s Batman and Jack Nicholson’s Joker in Tim Burton’s first epic Batman movie in 1988; Dick Grayson / Robin was set to appear in a small scene played by the most feared vampire of The Lost Boys, Kiefer Sutherland! However the scene was cut from the film as the feeling was that Robin was irrelevant to the plot. POW! If the scene had went ahead, imagine those extra Robin related lyrics in some of Prince’s songs on the “Batman” album…

Evil Gizmo

gizmo (gremlins)
In the original script of “Gremlins”; Gizmo was set to be the bad guy of the film.
Scriptwriter Chris Columbus had planned for Gizmo to be the one to turn in to Stripe (the evil leader of the Gremlins) and not one of the impish extra Mogwai that sprouted from Gizmo’s back. It was later changed when executive producer Steven Spielberg felt that audiences would prefer Gizmo to feature throughout the film until the end, and remain cute!