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Retro Yak is mainly the ramblings of me, Dave Hughes, a retro gaming enthusiast and hobbyist indie game developer.  I started this blog so I could revisit and unload the memories (my memory is rubbish so it’s a struggle) of my youth in the 80’s and 90’s doing not much else but playing games.  It was an amazing time!  As well as articles of gaming nostalgia, I intend to provide reviews of actual retro games and also reviews of indie games that either have been inspired by, are based on, or just have the flavour of a retro game.

I’m also the guy who devised “Speccy Jam”, a 1 week indie game jam paying homage to my first love of gaming, the ZX Spectrum.  I won’t go in to too much detail about it on this page but if it sounds interesting to you, take a look at http://www.speccyjam.com and get involved!

I hope you enjoy reading the articles and reviews
Dave (@RetroYak)