It Came from the Desert (Review, Amiga)

The sleepy town of Lizard Breath, Nevada had nothing going on for years. People kept to themselves and things were relatively quiet until that one night. A meteor came streaking across the sky and crashed somewhere in the desert. Now you are the only one that knows of an impending doom that can swallow this town and maybe the entire world. Welcome to It Came from the Desert, one of the masterpieces released from Cinemaware.

it came from the desert

The menacing title screen … Image Source

It came from the desert – Probably the creepiest game ever.

You played as Dr. Greg Bradley as you have been drawn to this site because of the meteor crash. Finding out early in the game that the meteor has mutated the local ant population into giants you run off to warn the local populace. This proves to be not that easy as everyone meets your recent findings with scorn and skepticism.

it came from the desert

Gulp …. Image Source

There are multiple arcade mini games strewn throughout the game as you will shoot giant ants, playing chicken with a local gang and escape a hospital if you succumb to your wounds. If you eventually convince the local, National Guard to help you are rewarded with dispatching all of their forces to contain this ant infestation. Fail and you will be shown an ending where the ants have overrun the town and driven off the population. But if you manage to succeed you will be shown what happens to the colony and the town of Lizard Breath is saved… or is it?



it came from the desert

Gonna need a big can of RAID! Image Source

It came from the Desert was released on the TurboGraphx-16, Sega Genesis, Atari ST and MS-DOS. But the real star has to be the version that was released on the Amiga. I can remember going to my local Software ETC. and looking in the display window and this game would be running. I would stare transfixed at the graphics, sound and gameplay as it was simply better than anything else out there. If you own an Amiga I strongly urge you to check this out, but no matter the console if you are a big fan of giant monster / b-movies you need to play this game. See if you have what it takes to drive back the things that come from the desert.