Zombies Ate My Neighbors (Review, SNES)

Zombies Ate My NeighborsThe mad scientist Dr. Tongue has unleashed his creations upon your sleepy suburb. Citizens are running in terror as zombies, mummies and other creatures are terrorizing the neighborhood. Now it is up to Zeke and Julie to take up arms and exterminate the monsters that are terrorizing their town. This is the backdrop for “Zombies ate my Neighbors” released by Lucasarts in 1993 for the SNES and 1994 for the Genesis.

Zombies Ate My Neighbors.. the ones I didn’t save, that is!

Zombies Ate My Neighbors

This will give you a saw head. (Image Source)

This has to be one of the best shoot ‘em ups on both consoles as you had to not only clear sections of your town but save your neighbors as well! If you managed to save all of them you would get a point bonus at the end of the round. Fail and listen to their horrible screams as they met their doom. At your disposal is a variety of weapons ranging from water guns and soda cans to rocket launchers and martian bubble guns. Each of these weapons has an effectiveness against a certain monster (for example: the weed whacker works great on pod plants but not so well on zombies).

Zombies Ate My Neighbors - Baby attack!

Attacked by a giant baby! Image Source

One of the most memorable parts of Zombies ate my Neighbors has to be the boss fights. This game had its fair share of memorable boss battles and the one that stands out has to be the giant baby. At level eight in the game you are confronted with a titanic toddler who stomps around the neighborhood and squirts you with his giant milk bottle! If you can survive this battle the giant baby shrinks into a regular size toddler which you can rescue for points! It’s bosses like this one that made this game so memorable and made us want to go back and play it again and again.

With epic boss battles, dozens of monsters and an array of weaponry to make the bad guys cower in fear; Zombies ate my Neighbors is a fast paced and fun shooter to play. If you own an SNES or Genesis you need to go out and pick this up and get ready to shoot some zombies.